Certified, German-speaking Caregiver

We help German hospitals and elder care centers to recruit certified German-speaking nurses from China

Since 2019 we have been working closely with hospitals and care centers in Germany to counteract the need for nursing professionals in Germany via international recruiting. We ensure that our clients gain access to the Chinese labor market, which provides over 1,000, new German-speaking nurses per year. Here, Curicum serves as the interface between Germany and China, which allows us to reduce the recruitment costs and lead time.

Our goal is to provide access to qualified health workers at a reasonable price. We cooperate with eight medical universities that provide health and nursing care majors in German. We are therefore able to provide nursing graduates with at least B1 German language skills.

We also try to reduce costs and complexity while increasing value and efficiency by standardizing processes and working with our local teams in both China and Germany. Our recruitment model enables employers to establish direct contact with universities and to attract students while they are still studying. Due to our close relationship with universities and training institutions all over China, we do without middlemen. These relationships allow us to charge lower agency fees as there are no third party fees.

We have a high level of personal interest in the health care industry. Not only because our consultants and project managers come from the healthcare themselves, but especially since our co-founder and managing director is Chinese and simultaneously an Assistant Professor at a Chinese college. We therefore promise to always deliver the highest quality of service.

How we work

We offer our full support throughout the whole proces.

Advertising & Marketing

Advertise the position of clients in China via campus events, career fairs, lectures and workshops as well as online marketing.


In order to ensure a seamless evaluation process, we support the communication and organization of the interviews.

Further language training

Most applicants have B1 language skills. To speed up recognition, we offer advanced language courses before departure.

100% Candidate Fit

If the candidates do not meet the requirements, we expand the search until our clients are happy with the selection.

Prepare Documents

Compilation of all necessary documents including certificates, curriculum vitae, language certificate, grades overview, passport etc.

Arrival & Integration

Depending on your needs, we help with on-site integration. This means regular events for candidates as well as support on arrival in Germany.

Pre-Selection & Evaluation

After each event, we collect all candidate profiles and hold initial interviews to evaluate and pre-select the candidates.

Legalization & Translation

Translation, notarization and legalization of the documents for the recognition and application of the visa.

24/7 Emergency Service

Our Chinese-speaking staff are available 24/7 to the caregivers as contact persons (for example, we provide emergency contacts).

Our offer in a nutshell

Certified B1 Nurses

We provide German employers with registered nursing staff from China with at least B1 German language skills.

Direct recruiting

We recruit directly from Chinese universities – without a middleman. We also bear all advertising costs.


Always on your side

We are also at your side after the placement, whether for integration, recognition or in emergencies.

Our minimum requirements for nurses

1. All candidates have completed a bachelor’s degree of at least 4 years including a 6-month practical phase.

2. All candidates have at least a degree (GPA) of 2.0 or better, making them one of the top 20% of all graduates in China across all universities.

3. All candidates have at least B1 knowledge of German (Goethe certificate).

4. The course prepares the students not only for the German language but also for German hospital practices. This includes, for example, common medication, safety regulations, technical jargon, etc.

5. Most applicants have been mentally preparing for working life in Germany for several years. So you have a good idea of life and culture. This facilitates integration in Germany.

Our search process

Our recruitment support is underpinned by our understanding of the challenges and issues faced when recruiting Chinese staff, particularly directly from China.  We are proactive in our efforts with both candidates and employers to consider and resolve these challenges which can have a direct impact on successful recruitment outcomes.

There are typically 5 distinct phases to our recruitment process.  The process is overseen by our Nursing Director who is intimately involved in the selection process.

1. Define requirements
  • Analysis of the organization and job requirements
  • Determine the skills, knowledge and training required
  • Define requirements: deadline, number of people, departments, etc.
2. Define Search Strategy
  • We have a variety of recruitment channels in China.
  • As a rule, we advertise the position directly at universities. This enables us to reach a large number of students.
  • Another possibility is campus events, especially for a customer. Here applicants find out about the position before the event and register for the information event.
  • We also have access to the university alumni networks, where we can acquire experienced nurses.
3. Attract & Select Candidates

Our recruiting teams conduct various tests and interviews to ensure that the information, documents, and requirements of the candidates are correct and match our customer. Candidates are prepared for the interview in accordance with customer requirements. The interviews are conducted in our offices in China, on the university campus or online.

4. Interviews & Offer
  • We present a selection of the most qualified candidates.
  • The final decision about the process and the selection of the candidates is up to you. This enables customers to assess their skills, motivation and language skills themselves.
  • After the interviews, an offer is usually made to the applicant within a week.
5. Approval & Arrival

We support the candidates and companies in processing the documentation and application documents (including support for examinations and recognition). During this phase, we act as a link between candidates and employers to promote the relationship between the two and to ensure a smooth process.

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