When it comes to recruiting, we don’t do one-size-fits-all—we are industry leaders in 8 areas of corporate HR strategy. 

We have a deep understanding of what makes each sector unique, allowing us to specialize our services and achieve the best results possible. 

Each of our offices and consultants is able to offer their expertise and tailor-made recruitment strategies to attract the best senior executives, selecting them on the basis of their fit with the specific needs of the client, and monitoring their progress with the employer over the course of their appointment.

We harness our knowledge, skills and expertise across the full spectrum of business advisory to provide seamless, effective, top tier recruitment services across all practice areas. Our partner-led teams are agile. We focus on effective communication and teamwork to deliver pragmatic, comprehensive solutions and to help our clients with their most challenging and complex business decisions.

Our Services

What we specialize in

Recruiting & Head Hunting

Curicum offers a wide range of candidate search, recruiting and head hunting services.


Executive Search

Are you looking for C-Level Executives? We offer discreet and uncompromising placement of top managers worldwide.

Certified Nurses

We provide hospitals and elder care centers with certified German-speaking nurses from China.

Strategic Consulting

We advise companies on strategic, legal and cultural topics with a focus on Europe-China.

Bespoke Internship Program

With our award-winning Bespoke program, businesses have direct access to talented students.


University Cooperation

Due to close relationships with governments, we help universities in developing combined degrees.

Industries we serve

The best leadership decisions come from deeper insight into industry dynamics and a company’s critical needs. Backed by a proven executive search process, our consultants bring hands-on experience in the industries they serve to help you find leaders who best fit your organization’s unique needs and can meet the demands of a competitive landscape. Our experience, global reputation and deep relationships with outstanding leaders give us access to the most sought-after candidates around the world.

  • Technology, Media & Telecommunications
  • Consumer
  • Financial Services
  • Industrial
  • Education, Nonprofit & Government
  • Private Equity
  • Healthcare
  • Business & Professional Services


    Functional Roles

    We know the trends shaping functional roles and leadership capabilities and understand what it takes to succeed at the top levels of an organization. Because executives trust us to bring meaningful assignments to them that represent a good match for their talents, work style and professional aspirations, we are able to attract the best candidates — those who have the ability to turn around a business, build top teams or create a culture that fosters innovation.

    • Boards
    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Financial Officer
    • Marketing Officer
    • Technology Officer
    • Legal, Compliance & Regulatory
    • Human Resources
    • Sales Officer
    • Supply Chain
    • Corporate Communications
    • Risk


      Our Recruiting Process

      Recruiting, and head hunting in particular, is a search carried out in order to find key people – at the management and specialist level – with very specific personal and professional skills. This process requires absolute discretion and trust between client business, headhunting and candidates.

      We focus on a serious and effective process, but this requires planning. Therefore we define the dates for presentations and closing. We are looking for an ongoing dialogue with our customers through the entire process, so we have the best opportunity to finish at the agreed time.


      Analyse & Insight

      The starting point is a thorough analysis of the task then we can start the process of finding candidates that match the specified profile. The contact with candidates is a dialogue that will lead up to the company presented a number of qualified and motivated candidates. Our experience, from headhunting for all kinds of industry and at all levels, the company provides the best security for an optimal solution of the assignment.


      Goals & Milestones

      Before candidates are involved, a thorough preliminary work is done. We have an exhaustive dialogue with the company and its employees analyzing the job content and demands as well as the conditions and framework that the new employee will be expected to be part of. This work creates the basis of the job profile.



      In this phase, the background and the experience of the candidate is evaluated and compared to the job profile. Candidates matching the profile will be called in for an interview. The aim of the interview is to provide the candidate with information about the job and the company and to further clarify, whether the professional qualifications and possible management experience matches the job profile. The candidate fills in a Personal Profile Analysis and – if needed – an aptitude test followed by evaluation including written and oral feedback.


      Presentation & Evaluation

      In this phase, the candidate will be presented to his/her possible future manager and one or more key members of the organization. In all cases, we will be present at this meeting. When the hiring process is completed, and the candidate has started working for the company a follow-up meeting is arranged with the candidate and the management with the purpose of securing that mutual expectations are met. As a rule, this meeting will take place 2-4 months after the appointment or according to the needs of the company or the candidate.

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